Bringing together passionate beauticians and salon professionals on Nassau County's South Shore.

What’s better than being in business for yourself? Having that business really take off! Celebrity Salon Suites understands that renting salon space can be one of the most difficult obstacles that you have to overcome in order to be successful. 

What is Celebrity Salon Suites?

We strive to bring together a community of industry leading beauty professionals, across a variety of specialties to provide them their own unique private spaces to build their business

Looking for Salon Professionals!

Whether it is simple threading, haircuts or a complete body massage, we are seeking salon professionals that provide dedicated services across a variety of  beauty needs coupled with quality products to make their clients look and feel their best!

Why Choose Celebrity Salon Suites?


Private and Luxurious

All of our suites are private spaces designed for our service professional to focus solely on their clients. Each space is uniquely personalized to our professional’s needs to cater to their type of service!


Everything For You Under One Roof

We are so much more than hair! We bring together beauty and salon professionals across a variety of specialties that offer clients all their beauty needs at one location. 


24/7 Security

Celebrity Salon Suites is equipped with buzzer controlled entry, and multiple video security cameras to ensure our service professionals and their clients can feel safe. 

Call For Suite Leasing Information

+1 631 858 2000